Ideal Telecoms For Business

We are committed to providing world class telecoms for business using our sister company, Mandate Utilities. All of your telecommunication requirements are covered with our bespoke products suited to your individual needs. You will be amazed by the amount you can save on telecoms for business with Mandate Utilities.

Mandate Utilities is the first telecoms for business provider to literally charge you for what you use instead of adding all the hidden fees.

At Mandate Utilities we have over 20 years experience in providing major savings for businesses all over the UK. Most businesses just accept the rates such suggested by the major telecoms companies but we are here to fight back and could save you thousands!! Our telecoms for business packages include:

Landlines: Mandate Utilities can:

  • We provide line rental and call solutions at competitive market rates
  • We tailor packages to suit your individual business requirements based on clear research
  • We can offer One-Bill bundles for businesses who want a simple package to enable month to month budgeting
  • We can offer no set up fees or minimum spend commitment with per second billing

Broadband: Telecoms for Business – Mandate Utilities can:

  • Provide you with the latest broadband with download speeds up to 24Mb
  • Packages starting from as little as £11.75 per month

Mobiles: Telecoms for Business – Mandate Utilities can:

  • Offer services with leading providers including Vodafone, 02, Orange and T-Mobile
  • Help you to understand how the current range of applications can enhance your business
  • Arrange number porting for administration ease


A specialist Mandate Utilities team can review your telecoms bill and determine where you can save money. This review is completely free!

Visit Mandate Utilities - to find out more or call 01253 851818 to find out about our telecoms for business services