What Is The ESOS Lead Assessors Role?

esos lead assessor

So What Is The ESOS Lead Assessors Role?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, is a mandatory requirement for most large businesses in the UK (keep reading to find out whether it effects your company). Audits require an ESOS Lead Assessor, there are only 50 in the whole of the UK and their time is being booked up fast so moving quickly is vital.
As you will know, Chris Holdsworth, MD at the Utility Forum is an official Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS Lead Assessor. As such, Chris will be looking out for a number of things to make sure you comply with ESOS regulations, his role will include:
  • To make sure you comply with all of the ESOS programme
  • To help complete the audits in a cost effective manner
  • To suggest routes that your business can take to comply
  • To provide a sound understanding of how ESOS will help your business
  • To check current audits to make sure they are up to date and compliant
  • To verify that the audit covers all aspects of ESOS
  • To sign off the audit, after verification, prior to being submitted to the Scheme Administrator
Chris Holdsworth is one of the UK’s most experienced energy specialists, having been on the government advisory board, you will not get a better ESOS Lead Assessor for this mandatory legal requirement.
To discuss this further, email esos@theutilityforum.co.uk or fill in the esos contact form here.


What Do You Need To Know About The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?


The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is the Government initiative to assist larger business to reduce their costs. ESOS is a means to identify Energy savings in your organisation and a chance to learn from industry experts on how to cut back.


ESOS is Mandatory for all large organisations in the UK. If you have 250+ employees or in excess of 50 Million Euro turnover you will need to comply with to regulations.


Now is the perfect time to start your Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme compliance with Utility Forum. The qualification for the 1st phase is 31st Dec 2014. Organisations must be compliant for the 1st phase by 5th Dec 2015 so you need to act fast and employ your ESOS lead assessor.


For more information, contact esos@theutilityforum.co.uk, read more on the energy savings opportunity scheme here or fill in the esos lead assessors contact form here.

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