Energy Audit

The Utility Forum, as energy audit specialists, have developed an acclaimed, unique Able Logo Graphic(A Better Living Environment) system to assist companies in achieving sustainability by reducing their energy needs and their environmental impacts.

Our Energy Reduction Spiral focuses on reducing costs, carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency by reducing consumption and eliminating waste. In our energy audit, we look at both technical measures and governance to ultimately develop an action plan with a workable implementation programme.

To achieve this aim we:

  • Carry out a desk top energy audit of billing to identify overcharges, unnecessary charges and potential rebates
  • Collate relevant data to build a carbon footprint profile and benchmarking
  • Deliver site energy audits to identify the use of all fuels and water, analysing key areas of usage using monitoring equipment where appropriate
  • Identify potential leaks, wastage and efficiency measures
  • Create an action plan which will eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Identify associtated costs to the action plan with implementation advise and target reductions against timescales
  • Consider all new appropriate technologies, including renewable energy solutions
  • Provide a comprehensive company energy policy with a bespoke carbon management plan
  • Identify roles and responsbilities to impelement the carbon management plan with accountability
  • Set up reporting and communication procedures to enable the company to report reduction achievements to all stakeholders
  • Advise on procedures for continuous data collection to enable monthly monitoring of use against key drivers

The benefits of our Energy Audit service include:

  • Sustainable elimination of waste, reduction in consumption and increase in energy efficiency
  • Access to a wide range of energy efficient measures
  • Ability to identify energy production overhead in order to cost sales
  • Freeing up of management time
  • Recovery of previous overcharges to re-invest in business growth

Our case studies prove average savings of 23 percent using our acclaimed energy audit services

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and request a bespoke quotation for your energy audit. Some funding may be available to applicable businesses -  contact us to see if this applies
to you.